Hospice harpist plays to help bring life to patients (WEAR-TV)

Hospice harpist plays to help bring life to patients (WEAR-TV)

WEAR) — Patty Harrington has a gift that was inspired by one of her own students.

“I’m a retired teacher; and my fifth graders, one of them brought in her harp one day to play something for her French class. I sat there and I watched her and I said, ‘If she can do that, I can do that.'” she said.

That was 18 years ago when Patty started playing the harp. She found the sounds were soothing after a stressful day in the classroom. It gave her peace that she decided others might enjoy.Harpist

“They’d done studies that music, especially harp playing, had a positive effect on patients in hospitals and nursing homes; lowering blood pressure, just calming them down,” she explained.

Chad Abbott’s mother is a Covenant Hospice patient.

“We’re all feeling so much anxiety right now, so your music, it just helps smooth that out,” he said.

Patty started playing in nursing homes and now every Thursday she brings her harp and claims a little space on the Covenant Care Hospice unit. The comforting tunes waft along the corridors and into the rooms of patients at the end of life, like Chad’s mother.

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