Santa Volunteer Brings Happiness to Covenant Care Patients

Santa Volunteer Brings Happiness to Covenant Care Patients

Whether you are young or old the sight of Santa coming to visit brightens the day of everyone and is guaranteed to spread a little holiday cheer. Covenant Care volunteer Bobby Williams has spent the last two years donning the ever so familiar red suit and bellowing the infamous ho ho ho through the halls and homes of Covenant Care patients of all ages.

After his time spent in the military, Williams began his career with the US Postal Service, after retiring in 1987 from that position, he began working with his local church to manage the food services for their school program and later managed the church daycare for many years.

“I have always just looked for ways to be involved and help others,” said Williams. “When I heard about Covenant and that they needed volunteers I immediately agreed to sign up.”

Williams began volunteering with Covenant Care over 3 years ago. Williams holds several volunteer roles at Covenant. He serves as an ambassador volunteer who attends various community functions to tell people about Covenant’s care services. He provides spiritual support to patients and families. He also serves in the 11th hour program where he sits with patients in their final hours to ensure they pass peacefully with someone by their side. During the holiday season however he is Covenant Care’s very own Santa Claus.

“Being Santa is so rewarding, I have been able to go out and give presents and read stories to our children who are patients and their brothers and sisters,” said Williams. “These sick children would never have the opportunity to get to see Santa and their parents would not get to have Santa pictures if it were not for this.”

Williams also visits Covenant Care’s adult patients who reside at partner care facilities and at the Covenant Inpatient Hospice Center at Providence Hospital.

“The adults faces light up just as much as the kids sometimes. Santa just makes people happy and that just blesses me in so many ways,” said Williams. “I just love Covenant and how they take care of so many people and what they stand for, it makes me proud to get to volunteer for such a great group.”

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