State-of-The-Art Memory Care At “The Residence”

State-of-The-Art Memory Care At “The Residence”

By Jeffrey Keller, Ph.D.


Each apartment of The Residence is equipped with multiple sensors, which allow for the coordinated monitoring of residents and staff in the apartment throughout the day. These non-invasive technologies work on the same principle as the sensors which turn on lights in offices or the home when a person enters a room, or opens the doors for customers approaching store entrances. Unlike other memory care centers, the presence of our technology allows for our residents to be monitored around the clock, even when staff are not present in the apartment. This additional level of monitoring dramatically increases the safety of our residents and allows our staff to promptly respond to reports generated by the technology.

Covenant Care now brings the latest in technology to The Residence, not to replace the personal touch and care provided by our staff, but to improve memory care by complementing staff efforts.

By integrating the signals from multiple sensors, this powerful new technology dramatically increases our sensitivity in detecting changes in a resident’s activities and behavior.  Changes in behavioral patterns or the amount of time a resident is in their bed or apartment, alterations in the frequency of toileting, or the initiation of wandering are all behaviors that have important health implications for individuals with dementia. The information from our technology is processed in a manner that allows us to be proactive and take steps to intervene before falls, urinary tract infections and other adverse events can occur.

This new technology is combined with regular and detailed assessments/evaluations of the resident’s health and functional abilities. When combined with our technology, we are able to accurately understand and address the changing care needs a resident may have over time.

Memory care is challenging. Even with the best staff and procedures in place, changes in residents’ health and behaviors can go unnoticed. The Residence uses technology to complement the efforts of our caring and skilled staff.

Come see how The Residence is using technology to complement staff efforts and provide the one-of-a-kind care your loved one deserves. The Residence is located at 10075 Hillview Road in Pensacola. Learn more online at To schedule a tour, please call 850-484-3529.

Dr. Jeffrey Keller is a renown aging and neurodegeneration expert and is the director of the Institute for Dementia Research & Prevention with the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.